Leg 4 – Nelson to Fox Glacier

Well! It’s been a very industrious week in terms of cycling. The Google map isn’t quite accurate, I don’t think. Though I have cycled 364 miles (ish) this week, I have climbed a massive 24578 feet (7491m). I definitely feel stronger – my legs feel like steel – and I have been feeling more positive generally! AND I HAVE HIT 1000 MILES!!! Hooray.

The overall feeling for Leg 4 is probably wet. I’m not sure I have really had any philosophical awakenings this week. Though I am now contemplating the possibility of short term Warmshowers/Couchsurfing hosts on my return to London while I try and work out where in the city I want to live… Maybe I’ll remember something super exciting as I am typing! It’s probably going to be a bit briefer than previous posts but some fun photos anyway 🙂 I did read this funny article about passing wind whilst running… work for cycling. If so, I should definitely keep eating the dried apricots…

Route Map

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The Chronicles of Scotland

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Long ago, in a land the sun forgot, one girl in her waterproof gear set out on a journey; a journey from coast to coast, over mountains and through glens on her trusted steed. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the idea to try and wait until the end of the week and write a weekly update didn’t work out so well but here I am, another week later, and I am ready to tell my story. Unlike Narnia, it isn’t fantasy but hopefully will provide some entertainment on this drab and dreary day!


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And this is just the training ride part 5 – Silloth to Greenhead 70.1 miles

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Today is called lost and found… I lost route 72 a few times and ended up finding an extra ten miles en route. Ooops.


I am also finding that the days are split between a morning which feels slow and unproductive followed by an afternoon which feels a bit more successful. This was probably exacerbated by the fact that the extra miles happened very early on, meaning that, over an hour into the ride, I still had more miles to go than I was meant to achieve in the whole day!

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The Kindness of Strangers

Wish I had a picture of me like this!  Obviously I wore a helmet :-)

Wish I had a picture of me like this! Obviously I wore a helmet 🙂

Precipitation – 100%
Money donated by random stranger – £10
Other crazy cyclists passed – 4 (all on the same stretch and then no more)
Oasts – 5
New words learned – 1 (Oast)
Dry patches – 0
Asthma problems – 0
Amount of money drying on the radiator – £10
Belief in the word ‘waterproof’ – 25% (the Ortliebs really did do a good job of keeping all the water in that had spilled out of my bottle the other day)
New favourite country pubs – 1
Hills – 0.5 (maybe?!)
Energy gels carried around for the past month and not consumed – 1
Intended miles – 47
Phone/Strava freakouts – 5
Recorded miles – 31
Warm jackets borrowed – 1
Regrets – 0

Minor discrepancies but close enough

Minor discrepancies but close enough

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