Comfort, decorum and excitement – which is the odd one out?


By Jove, I think I’ve done it! I think I may have worked out why my saddle has been so excruciatingly uncomfortable.

I was gazing longingly at Bobbie, thinking it had been so long since we had pootled together and how I had never once complained about the state of my posterior post cycle. It was at this point I noticed that TBWHNN’s saddle is actually roomier than I had led myself to believe.

Still convinced that the best thing to do would be to switch the saddles over, I set to work. Having fully removed my saddle, I realised that there was more room for manouvre than I had been giving myself by only loosening the bolt on previous attempts at finding the inner sofa of the original saddle. So, before cycling home, I tipped the saddle forwards… a long way. I am now in danger of falling off but the improvement in comfort is beyond belief. I’m sure I will need to do some tinkering but watch this space.

So... it's a little steep!

So… it’s a little steep!


Yep… you guessed it… that’s the one I’m missing. Today I had to go to school in fancy dress and I was the Japanese flag. I don’t have a photo because it was possibly one of the laziest costumes I have ever ‘made’. However, I did feel slightly hilarious cycling to work in my clip ins and a pure white shift dress, which casually rode up until I was basically cycling in a long, t-shirt. I must remember to put the leggings on for the commute or I’m going to cause an RTA one day.


After what was scarily reminiscent of the initial, awkward exchanges of online dating, I have arranged my first 20:20:20 cycle! Emily @Emily6483 and I will be taking to the streets on Sunday. She is training for a 1100km (684 miles in old money) ride from the north to the south of France and I am really excited to meet up.

We are toying with the idea of a 122km (76 miles) ride but given the fact that we have both confessed to be reasonably hopeless with new routes, I definitely envisage there being some kind of public transport being involved to return us to London.

I’m really looking forward to beginning the 20:20:20 and am so pleased that it will be with a fellow fairly new cyclist who has signed up for a crazy challenge. Together, we can do more than endless loops around Richmond Park. Although I am hoping to make at least one lap tomorrow. I miss cycling – it feels like ages!

All in all, I have been totally overwhelmed by the response to the idea and I have an amazing number of potential cycle buddies who are being recommended by friends and who have been in contact through Twitter. The plan has even encouraged friends to dust off their bicycles to join me and my would be pedal pal!

So far, my offers stretch between Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands! I wonder if TBWHNN will get to cross the sea before we leave in a jet plane.

Remember, it’s never too early to donate to a good cause!

Have an amazing bank holiday – Elisha x


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