Welcome to New Zealand by Bicycle

FaceWelcome to my blog! My name is Elisha and I am the crazy, novice cyclist who is preparing to tackle a 4,000 mile journey around New Zealand in the name of charity and world exploration.

The rules – my route must begin and end in Auckland and must take in the (broadly recognised) most northern and southern points of the islands, Cape Reigna and Bluff respectively. In addition, I must carry with me all of the kit that I require – no support vehicles, just my legs. In the interest of making things especially tricky for myself, I must not cross land using alternative transport – feet and the bicycle only.

The bike – saying a very heartfelt cheerio for now to Bobby, my delightful Bobbin who has seen me through the first few months of my cycling career, I have invested in a Dawes Ladies Karakum – a touring bike with actual gears! Bobby, I love you but six gears just isn’t going to cut the mustard in New Zealand.

The route – This photo shows very roughly my initial plans for a route. If you know anyone along the way, please put me in touch! It is currently just shy of 4,000 miles, so still needs a little tweaking. (Hopefully I will be able to sort a less blurry version in the near future!)

Route Map

The charity – as well as being an incredible life experience, this is undoubtedly going to be a ridiculous, physical challenge for me and as such, I am hoping that people will dig deep for the wonderful charity, Emilie’s Charities.

As a result of a tragic cycling accident, the charity was set up in the name of Emilie Harris and has been successfully raising funds to improve the lives of children in developing countries. It is a fantastic charity, which fits both with my cycling ambitions and my passion for education. I do hope that I can make the Harris family proud.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to New Zealand by Bicycle

  1. Hi Elisha,
    Met you in my local bike shop today Nevis Cycles and you gave me your card.
    I am not on facebook or twitter but I will be following your journey with interest.
    I think what you are doing takes determination and guts .My longest ride on my
    road bike was 120 mls and that was hard going.Hope it all goes well for you.
    Donation to follow, all the best Jimmy Joe


    • Thank you so much for getting in touch, Jimmy Joe! It was so lovely to meet you in Nevis Cycles. I am afraid I was having a pretty rubbish time with everything breaking down.

      120 miles is way more than I have ever done in a day. Having only started cycling in February, I am building up slowly.

      I will get on to writing my blog post for Scotland shortly. It was such a good experience.

      I ended up setting off so late, into such strong winds that it was long dark when I finally rolled into Tyndrum. It was a stunning and challenging climb. You should definitely head on up if you get the chance. (maybe in summer!!)

      Take care,


  2. Hi Elisha my name is Andrew I saw yourself in fudges Cycles w4 on Sunday hopefully your bike feels better now it’s clean if we don’t see you have a safe trip


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