An interim post – questions from school

I have received some lovely questions from children at the school where I teach in London. I haven’t been able to answer all and I thought some might be answered better in person and with photos but I promise to answer any questions when I get back! Thank you so much to the children and teachers involved. You might not believe me but I really am excited to get back!

Here’s the video on YouTube


I can’t see how to embed the video on my phone…


Travel to NZ… Nearly there!


NB: This page has been written in chunks and may not make sense.

Still on the plane. Still somewhere over the Pacific (it’s a big old ocean). Six and a half hours until we reach our final destination and there’s a middle sized boy occupying a small portion of what I deem to be my personal space, so I am sitting at a fairly dodgy angle. I will complete the arrival portion of this post, well, upon arrival but I might as well get started, hey!

The adventure begins!

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Merry Christmas/Ooops I forgot to blog again/The End of the Beginning

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On a crowed plane, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I am sure it is still Christmas somewhere and I am listening to Mariah’s Merry Christmas – apparently it belongs under the genre of ‘US and Euro Hits’. Who knew? Perhaps it is finally time to reflect on the whirlwind of the past couple of months, the many unwritten blogs and the journey so far, for it is now the end of the beginning. The challenge is here.

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To Dorset in pain

It has been an intense weekend with very little cycling and lots of emotional and physical challenges to overcome.

Having begun the day with only two hours sleep and moving all of my possessions into storage at my friend’s house, I wasn’t exactly on form for the ride from Dorchester out to a village on the coast. At only 16 miles, this is one of the shortest routes I have ridden since February but it was one of the most challenging too.

Dorchester to Burton Bradstock

Dorchester to Burton Bradstock

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No Going Back!

Thanks to my incredible Uncle J, everything has now become extremely official. What a wonderful, productive day. On top of the costumes I crafted, rehearsals I had with the children and the second night of Jesus Christ Superstar (the show in which I am performing), I received confirmation of my flight and secured employment for the remainder of the calendar year!

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The Box

Without a doubt, I will be eating Soreen at some point tomorrow AND I conquered Box Hill today #JustSayin.

Today's Route

Today’s Route

A few weeks ago, Ash contacted me having been cajoled into accompanying me on a cycle by the infamous LePlum, social butterfly. Having not had the time to really sleep or eat properly over the past few days, I rocked up to Guildford with more than a little trepidation but I needn’t have worried.

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Small Things!

Inspired partly by the uplifting, ‘Delight’ by J.B. Priestly and this comical blog post on Tom’s Bike Ride, I decided to pull together a quick list of the small things that I really appreciated today. Out on the bike I’ll be taking things so slowly, I’ll have the opportunity to celebrate every small joy (and mull over every small inconvenience I am sure) – I’m preparing myself! This definitely counts as training.

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