Misanthropy in Hyde Park and Cherry Moments

Whatever life has thrown at me, I have always struggled to remain misanthropic for any extended period of time and this weekend proved to be no exception to the rule.

Saturday evening was ended with a message to Flatty Plums, “There’s no way I can do a ride tomorrow; five hours of singing and dancing has left me useless.” But low and behold, the most fascinating Walk Through The Woods (cocktail tasting menu) later and a solid night’s sleep in the bank, I was desperate to get into the saddle for a wee pedal and sure enough, my pal was there for me. We arranged to meet at Hyde Park corner to enjoy the sun… just like everyone else…

Me Hyde Park

Looking like an effortless pro

Today’s Boris bikers were beyond compare and even led to me deciding that the collective noun for such riders is a ‘flummox’ – they really do leave me speechless although my inner monologue does become very vocal. Throw in the drivers who open their car doors in your path and miss you by seconds, the out of control pets, the lane jumping taxi drivers and the pedestrians whose unpredictable directional paths are only matched by the predictability of their inability to look before crossing your path and that little begins to sing, “Ring My Bell” with a venom that was unintended in the original version. GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!

Yet, today was fantastic. I only managed 16 miles and they were very slow going, but I did it and I loved it. When I arrived home, even though I did feel fatigued in that special way that’s only achieved with the lingering company of a virus, I felt like I could do more. Obviously New Zealand is going to be a breeze – ha!

HP 100515 combined

The hilarious SHEWEE instructions

Plums brought with her my much anticipated Shewee and it was a real moment of bliss just to lie in Hyde Park gossiping about recent events and giggling before continuing on our ride. Human contact is definitely going to be important when I am away and I know that the messages of support that I am already beginning to receive will be little lifelines when I’m camping in the wilderness and have forgotten how to converse.

One such message was from my Aunty – she and her husband have just completed the ‘Rat Race’ – a challenge covering thirteen miles and one hundred and fifty obstacles. Out of the 655 people who managed to complete the course, Aunty S crossed the line as 2nd lady and Uncle Clive as the 27th man but since they’re both pretty ancient, it’s even more impressive as they were 1st and 2nd in their vet classes! I’m sure you’re beginning to see where the crazy comes from.

The loons at a previous event. Please let me look this good when I'm old.

And the cherry on the cake came in the form of another completely unexpected and generous donation of £100 alongside a story of motivation which I know will help to keep me going in the bleakest moments in NZ. So, I’m going to enjoy my moments of misanthropy – they make the great moments shine even brighter.

Glasses for perspective. It's a carry on.

Time to head to residential. My case is defying a number of laws of physics. Like my new Topeak Alien II multi-tool, its size should not mislead you as to its weight.

Goodnight! Elisha x


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