Small Things!

Inspired partly by the uplifting, ‘Delight’ by J.B. Priestly and this comical blog post on Tom’s Bike Ride, I decided to pull together a quick list of the small things that I really appreciated today. Out on the bike I’ll be taking things so slowly, I’ll have the opportunity to celebrate every small joy (and mull over every small inconvenience I am sure) – I’m preparing myself! This definitely counts as training.

  • Children being interested in politics, potentially inspired by yours truly… practically screaming at me to refresh the page during their break time as the votes rolled in todayPannier
  • Pizza
  • Walking all of the way up the stairs without stopping for breath! On the mend… perhaps cycling this weekend is not out of the picture.
  • Unexpected gifts appearing on your desk
  • Twitter friends
  • Being able to chat to virtual strangers properly because you’re both wearing cycling helmets
  • Lip balm on chapped lips
  • Realising that you can use your bike lock to turn a good old fashioned plastic carrier bag into a second pannier!
  • Invites for cocktails – yey!
  • The imminent return of Flatty Plums
  • Exclamation marks – evidently!

Happy Friday – enjoy yourselves.

Elisha x


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