Paying it Forward

Whether it has been the sponsorship I have been given from friends, family and complete strangers or the advice and offers of accommodation, I have been on the receiving end of huge amounts of kindness and generosity. This week, I hit my first major fundraising target and through the second donation of Marie. I’m 10% of the way to my overall target and have now raised £0.20 for every single mile I will cycle. How exciting! Thank you all so much! Having reached this impressive total, I thought that it was about time to do some paying forward.


So what do I mean? There was a film called ‘Pay it Forward’ in 2000, which I remember really enjoying. It worked on the principle that, rather than doing something for the person who showed you their altruism, you try to improve the life of another in some way. I also was given a gorgeous present at the weekend – a giving key. These are made in Los Angeles by workers who are transitioning from homelessness. Again, they talk about the idea of paying it forward – you are supposed to give your key to someone else who you feel needs the message more than you. Mine is for ‘hope’. Who doesn’t need hope? It was given with the intention of giving me the hope I need to continue every day but also in the hope for my safe return and of raising a significant pot for Emilie’s Charities. I wonder to whom I will pass my key.


When I spoke to Ian on Sunday at the Sunday Assembly, it turned out that his pride and joy, his glorious steed had been stolen from him. Knowing how integral Peg has become to my life, I felt his pain. It was time to act and I have offered him the responsibility of caring for Bobbie, which makes me very happy and should hopefully do the same for Ian.

This also provided me with another excellent opportunity – bicycle maintenance. In fact, next week I will be able to blog about my £5 maintenance course, thanks to the subsidy provided by Ealing Council – another incredible benefactor. However, prior to the course, I decided to tackle Bobbie’s brakes (or lack thereof). Don’t worry, Ian – I have tested them (and they work)!!

Guiltily, I cheated on my favourite LBS (local bike shop) with Halfords of all places – it’s right at the bottom of my new street. Fudge and Sons will always be my favourite and I try to spend as much there as possible so hopefully they won’t mind too much. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the customer service at Halfords. Well done! I took with me one of the old brake blocks and was supplied with a perfect replacement for only £5.


Once back at home, I took to Bobbie with my multi tool and had replaced the blocks in a matter of minutes. It really was very simple and I think that anyone could do it – just go for it! I also tightened the cables as they felt a little loose. Already I feel I am reaping the rewards of my donation to Ian. Hooray.

I promise to actually cycle again soon. The big training ride begins next week and I have bought myself an awesome map from Stanfords – I could spend hours in that place. I can’t wait!!

Take care and pay it forward!

With hope, Elisha x


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