Milestones and Rabbits – a mini blog

NEWS: This week I hit two big milestones and think that the numbers 0, 1 and 8 might be auspicious. My first £1,000 in sponsorship and my first 1,000 miles on the road this year (which is basically my first 1,000 miles ever). Hooray!!

Milestone 1 Milestone 2

I am quite happy being the tortoise of cycling but I realised this week that I really benefit from having someone to chase. I also hit my highest average speed (on Bobbie as I took him to his new home), which I think is purely down to having a snazzy road cyclist to chase. One who was just that tiny bit faster than I would normally push. I liked it.

Bobbie off to his new home!

Bobbie off to his new home!

Is anyone up for it? Anyone fancy cycling just that little bit faster than me around New Zealand? I upgraded my broken tent for the two man version, so you know – the gig comes with accommodation!

Who wants to be my racing hare? Paws up!

Who wants to be my racing hare? Paws up!

As always, I have a load more to say but I need to go to sleep as tomorrow I reunite with cycle buddies 1, 2 and 6 (and some other lovely people)… still wondering if I can claim this as #7 but I don’t think the route will constitute as new… what do you think?

I am very excited but also a little nervous as I expect to be slipping behind. Especially after quite a few casual miles today.

P.S. Anna Hughes has agreed to meet me – the author of the book I am reading. She rode 4,000 miles around the UK solo. I’m so excited! (This is all thanks to Bobbie’s new owner! Karma seems to come back around faster than imaginable!)

eat sleep cycle


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