And this is just the training ride Part 1 – Ealing to Scotland (predominantly by train)

When your brand new toy sends you miles out of your way because that’s the nicest, quietest route… and you’re trying to make a train. But I am all packed up and on my way to begin what should be a tough training week! Look how awesome my dry bags are at sorting all my things. I love dry bags.

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IMAG3076 IMAG3075

Wednesday morning started pretty intensely after four hours’ kip and lots of final preparation for the big trip. I am usually a real gadget geek but I just didn’t find the Garmin particularly intuitive. I spent about an hour carrying it round, pointing it at the sky whilst it found the satellites for the first time and I sourced tea for my mum.

The result was me running full throttle down the platform at Euston and making the train with about 10 seconds to spare.

Needless to say, I sat in my seat quite red faced and with only a little breath. It was a fantastic conversation starter and I began chatting with the amazing Doreen about her daughter’s wedding and my ride. She was so lovely and even bought me a hot chocolate from the café carriage because we were all freezing under the overzealous central heating. I was completely bowled over by the gesture and felt rather disappointed that my stop was so soon. THANK YOU!!

Hanging around on train number two

Hanging around on train number two

A bit more of a train journey and then I was on my way to my Mum and Dad’s. The journey was gorgeous and I loved that Garmin took me an alternative route, through Irongray, where my parents lived when they first moved to Scotland. The scenery was wonderful and I only wish that I had taken more pictures for you. I was a little anxious to get to my family, my dogs and my dinner!!

On the Thursday night, I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to upload my route into the Garmin. It was not fun. At least I know how now! Key tips for anyone trying – you can save your google maps route as a KML file, which you can convert to a GPX file using an online service such as this one. THEN, you have to copy it into the ‘New Files’ folder, NOT the ‘Routes’ folder – obviously!!

Sorry if this blog is a bit sparse… When you see ‘Part 3’ you’ll see why as that is the day I am actually writing this. Also WiFi is unhappy with the task in hand.

Irongray Church

Irongray Church


Sunny Scotland! Amazing

Sunny Scotland! Amazing


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