Sponsorship goes live!

Thanks so much to Martin Harris, who has spent a good deal of time setting up the pages which allow wonderful people to donate to me!

Please visit and donate generously – MyDonate

It’s only Wednesday of a bank holiday week, but already there have been a few ups and downs…

I have been greatly buoyed by the overwhelming generosity of Martin and Judy who have not only set me up, but kick started the charity pot with a massive £100 donation. Thank you so much! Not only this, but it has been lovely to receive heartfelt comments from friends and family in support of my crazy mission.

However, I woke up on Tuesday morning (having fallen asleep feeling wonderful and possibly a little bit tipsy) as though I had slept under a mountain… sure sign of a chest infection. It’s funny how quickly you can go from startling unsuspecting gardeners as you belt out 90s power ballads whilst you whizz by (downhill) to having to get the lift for just two flights of stairs… Sure enough, off to the doctors I span (after the usual headless chicken dance of school + school trip) and was presented with my expensive prescription.



Receiving my new blue inhaler and antibiotics made me think very carefully – this trip could well take the five months and I will listen to my body. After the amount of years we’ve spent together, I am beginning to know it well. So, after pushing it to the limits at a late night rehearsal last night, I treated myself to a three hour, post school snooze this evening. I’ll treat NZ in the same way – this is not a race but I will do it!

The most exciting thing is that the ‘Online’ world is starting to gain momentum. I’ve received a few buzzes of interest and now am the proud owner of fifteen whole Twitter followers, thirteen of whom are not me or a friend from school! It’s not world changing, but I’m pretty giddy about it. One new follower @UKCycleChat have put me in touch with a remarkable lady, @Faye_Shepherd, who is currently cycling the length of New Zealand. Hopefully, on her return, she will be able to offer some tips!

In addition… I have my first two hosts in New Zealand and can add a couple of official pins to my map! Thank you to former housemates Nicole and Dirk and the Twitter follower friend I actually know, Chris, for hooking me up! Hooray!

Don't those little houses look welcoming?

Don’t those little houses look welcoming?

Best get on with the marking pile…



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