No Going Back!

Thanks to my incredible Uncle J, everything has now become extremely official. What a wonderful, productive day. On top of the costumes I crafted, rehearsals I had with the children and the second night of Jesus Christ Superstar (the show in which I am performing), I received confirmation of my flight and secured employment for the remainder of the calendar year!

On December 24th, 2015, I will board my first flight, taking me to China. From China, I will set off to Auckland on Boxing day. It is going to be a long journey and rather unusual. Will the shift in time zone mean I miss Christmas day altogether? I have never spent a Christmas day alone before, have never set foot in China or embarked on an absurdly lengthy cycle. I can’t wait. I wonder who I will meet on Christmas day and whether they will be interested in the bike ride.

So… if you were waiting for the ticket to be booked before you sponsored… your time has come. There’s no backing out for me now and I hope that those of you who were waiting for some concrete plans now feel secure enough to dig deep!

One of my cast members has also recommended a friend to help me with my cycling and life is definitely full of exciting developments.

I will endeavour to provide further updates later in the week. I am struggling to keep my eyes open but I am so thankful to my AMAZING uncle for sorting things out. For now, I must get some shut eye. Still four more performances to go!


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