When Hobbies Collide/The Great Knicker Debate

So… Today, this happened…

Puss on Bike

Puss on Bike

I may not have had the *most* productive week in terms of actual cycling, but BOY what a week it has been.

Working with the BCP to put on Jesus Christ Superstar, I finally recaptured the sense of community I have longed for since leaving Darlington; the diversity of the group combined with the shared interest and extreme pressure created such an unexpected and incredible bond – even if it ends up being short lived. Though it has been challenging and somewhat frustrating at moments, finishing the run I feel proud and privileged.

For the first time in a production I have been part of, many of the cast (myself included) assisted with the de-rig and get out. Having danced, sung and acted my derrière off between the hours of 12pm and 9:45pm, I then worked until 4am (mostly ‘footing’ the ladder) to support the crew. I think this does go somewhere towards preparing me for the exhaustion levels I may face in New Zealand, especially following weeks of rehearsals and shows where I have been lucky to be in bed by midnight for a quick 6 hour refresh and go again.

So, I guess this is the first way in which my two ridiculously all consuming hobbies have collided. Secondly, I managed to borrow the awesome cat tail above for the production my school children are preparing for. I am wondering if there may be sponsorship potential here… hands up who wants to see that tail travel around NZ! I’m not sure whether I could cope with the chafing… which brings me on to the next subject.

In the ladies changing room there was much to be said for the great knicker debate – should they be the colour of your costume, or is nude the best? Big, Bridget Jones pants for those times when you have a quick change and the world and his wife are going to see you ripping your kit off, or a small undergarment to avoid VPL in your tightest dance outfit? The possibilities are endless and I am not sure whether we came to a conclusion.

In cycling, the biggest debate I have encountered so far is – should I wear underwear with my padded leggings etc? Generally the consensus is an overwhelming NO – commando is the way; the pad has been designed with special wicking properties – why would you do anything to interfere? Well… I have to say – just as in the above scenario – EACH TO THEIR OWN. I firmly believe that you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Clearly I am breaking the rules and I will never make it as a pro cyclist but… my confession to you is… I like pants.

So there you have it. I will leave you with that and the thought that I need to wear that cat tail on my commute in the morning as it is the only way I can get it to school…

Actually, one more collision of the cycling/am dram world – my MD decided he was going to serenade me with his version of Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits as I appeared with my hippyish angel garb at the dressing room window, overlooking the courtyard. This led to an impromptu session planning my musical accompaniment to the tour – 4,000 miles is going to be a long, lonely way and it would be great to have musical suggestions from friends and family to keep me company en route. Al Green, Dire Straits and Cream have been taken. What should I listen to?

Happy last few hours of the weekend folks. Don’t forget to sponsor me! **Sponsorship Page**

P.S. I also met Sir Tim Rice (the lyricist) dressed as an angel. Image by Henry Weston.

Cast photo with Sir Tim

Cast photo with Sir Tim


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