2000 miles down the line. Revisiting Windsor

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It’s definitely Autumn and the wind has certainly changed but alongside that chill in the air, there’s a little dose of something special… LOVE.

Mum, Dad, Grandma… I am in love with Ricci. He’s beautiful, Italian and keen to accompany me on trips. The funny thing is that, well, I have to carry him over the threshold every time we come home.

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

This weekend, I managed to take Ricci (Riccardo), the new Bianchi road bike out for a test spin and it was totally dreamy.

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Brighton – Same Same but Different + #7

Now I know how my friends felt when they lost a football match. I could never understand how/why they would be so unchangeably glum and frustrated. Then my battery died mid Brighton ride – again! And now Strava says that my average speed was 8.8mph because it suddenly decided that it would just make up what happened at the end of the ride – incorporating my leisurely fish cake and chips and waste of time trip to the bathrooms on the pier into my active ‘moving time’. This is not a game any more people – what was the point in battling up that evil Beacon for the third time if I have no idea whether I am getting any better?!

Note how the gradient profile just stops abruptly. :'( wahhhhhh

Note how the gradient profile just stops abruptly. 😥 wahhhhhh

Okay, so really it doesn’t matter and I had a lovely day (and the little PB medals from earlier in the ride helped to cheer me up) but it did make me a little narky for a while. Now that I have washed away my monobrow of filth and discovered that I wasn’t just dirty, I actually have a tiny tan, I’m ready to write the blog.

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Paying it Forward

Whether it has been the sponsorship I have been given from friends, family and complete strangers or the advice and offers of accommodation, I have been on the receiving end of huge amounts of kindness and generosity. This week, I hit my first major fundraising target and through the second donation of Marie. I’m 10% of the way to my overall target and have now raised £0.20 for every single mile I will cycle. How exciting! Thank you all so much! Having reached this impressive total, I thought that it was about time to do some paying forward.


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Adventures at Moorland Hall

Every year, I take roughly sixty children on an adventure holiday to Moorland Hall near Tavistock in Devon and, each time, have a wonderful time with the children and the amazing instructors. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to experience activities which I would otherwise find really challenging to organise due to lack of funding and time.

This year was particularly exciting as it all felt like excellent training for the adventures ahead. This post is as brief a roundup as a naturally garrulous person can manage with a few of my favourite pictures.

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Misanthropy in Hyde Park and Cherry Moments

Whatever life has thrown at me, I have always struggled to remain misanthropic for any extended period of time and this weekend proved to be no exception to the rule.

Saturday evening was ended with a message to Flatty Plums, “There’s no way I can do a ride tomorrow; five hours of singing and dancing has left me useless.” But low and behold, the most fascinating Walk Through The Woods (cocktail tasting menu) later and a solid night’s sleep in the bank, I was desperate to get into the saddle for a wee pedal and sure enough, my pal was there for me. We arranged to meet at Hyde Park corner to enjoy the sun… just like everyone else…

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Sponsorship goes live!

Thanks so much to Martin Harris, who has spent a good deal of time setting up the pages which allow wonderful people to donate to me!

Please visit and donate generously – MyDonate

It’s only Wednesday of a bank holiday week, but already there have been a few ups and downs…

I have been greatly buoyed by the overwhelming generosity of Martin and Judy who have not only set me up, but kick started the charity pot with a massive £100 donation. Thank you so much! Not only this, but it has been lovely to receive heartfelt comments from friends and family in support of my crazy mission.

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And so it begins… mechanics and London to Brighton!

Though I have had this plan on the cards for a little while, I have finally told my mum which means I’m ready to blog! I didn’t get a negative reaction but she was full of cold, so I will wait for the onslaught of questions. I’m sure grandma will tell me what a ridiculous idea this is, even if my mum decides to show her full support!!

The start of my ride in December seems a long way off but there’s so much to do and, coupled with a burgeoning teaching commitment and a role in the local am dram version of Jesus Christ Superstar, time seems to be a somewhat challenging commodity to obtain in my life.

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